Soffban Padding 2.7m

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Soffban Padding 2.7m


Soffban Orthopaedic Padding is a synthetic, protective orthopaedic, that blends excellent conformability and good cushioning, with a water-shedding ability that will keep the patients skin dry.  The padding tears quickly and easily around awkward contours, minimising patient trauma and enhancing ease of application for the clinical user.


  • Highly conformable
  • Easily tearable
  • High loft
  • Feathers out
  • Low moisture absorbency

Easily conformable

Soffban is conformable and shapes easily and readily to all body contours and joints; being autoclavable and consequently ideal for surgical procedures requiring sterility.

Easily tearable

Soffban is optimum strength to ensure that it will tear apart with no pain or discomfort to the patient.

High loft

Soffban has high loft, much higher than conventional padding which is maintained even when wet, and thus provides maximum cushioning at all times.

Feathers out

Soffban feathers out neatly, clings to itself and blends in to give a smooth finish.  Because of this smooth finish, without loops or ridges, the plaster of paris bandage is easily applied.

Low moisture absorbency

Soffban is less absorbent, taking up less water than other bandages, thus minimising skin maceration.